Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{WW} Tips for the Perfect Running Shoes

One thing people don't always realize is your shoes can make a difference on how your body feels.  Think about it..... Your feet are holding all of your weight, so naturally if you don't have the right support on your feet you are going to be more prone to aches and pains.  This is especially true with running!

  • What kind of a runner are you?  Do you run flat on your feet with the pressure balanced across your whole foot?  Do you tend to run on the outside of your foot?  Or with  your feet turned inward?  A great way to check this is grab a couple pair of old running shoes and check it out!  You should be able to see if it is more worn in certain places. So if you are an inward runner (we will call it) you will want to check out the motion control shoes.  These will help keep your feet in a more neutral position.  Outward runners will find that shoes that have some kind of a shock absorption and are greatly cushioned will help better support their feet.  And finally, neutral runners are pretty lucky... they can go for almost whatever running shoe feels best!

  • Do they fit?  It is super important to try on running shoes before you purchase them!  And take the time to try on a few or more to make sure you are getting the ones that feel the best for you.  We are all different and have different strides so one brand might work better over others.  Also, you will have to try them on to make sure that they fit you.  Many shoe companies size scales vary from one to the other.

  • How do they feel when you run?  Go for a mini run around the store or down a big isle.  (This might save you a trip back to the store if they don't work.)  You are going to want to pay attention to the fit.  Make sure you have plenty of move room for your little piggys.  They shouldn't be too loose or tight (your heel shouldn't slip).

  • Do you run everyday?  If so it might be a good idea to get 2 pairs of shoes.  This will save you a trip to the store every couple of months for a new pair.  They say that you are suppose to replace your shoes somewhere around 400 miles.  Being able to alternate between 2 pairs will extend the life of your shoes as well as give the shock absorption material time to un-compress from your last run. (If you run everyday sometimes the material doesn't have enough time to go back to normal before your next run).

Hopefully this gave you an excuse to go buy some new shoes! We all love new shoes! Happy 

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