Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's all about the lemons!

These days it seems like the drug companies have taken over, and they have a pill for everything.  But usually with these pills there are many dangers and side effects.  And I am not here to dis on the medical field and pharmaceuticals because I do believe there is a place for it and they have done wonders.  However,  I do believe there are healthier, more natural paths to try as well. Things that will help current ailments but also act as a preventative measure for future ailments.

One of my favorite "fixer/helper," we will call it, is the LEMON!  Not only are these beautiful yellow fruits delicious they are one of the best alkalizing foods.  They have so many health benefits and have been used as a natural remedy for centuries.  It is amazing to me that something so simple can have such wonderful effects on our bodies.  So lets get into it.....

  •  Detoxifies & Purifies:  Lemon is a diuretic which helps remove toxins from the body and also helps purify your blood.  It can help flush out a urinary tract infection or kidney infection faster.  And due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, help with the pain associated with these infections.  It has also been known to help treat arthritis.  
  •  Digestion: It will help your liver produce more bile which helps with digestion.  If you have good digestion that will also help with heartburn.  Drink a glass every morning and evening to prevent constipation.
  •  Immune Booster:  Lemons contain vitamin C and potassium which helps fight colds,  sore throats, controls blood pressure, and will also stimulate nerve and brain function. It can also help with many respiratory problems such as asthma, allergies, and coughs.

  • Mouth:  Lemon juice has been known to help achy teeth and bleeding gums when applied to these areas.  It also helps freshen breath.  However, you will want to be careful with this since it can erode tooth enamel if it comes in direct contact on a regular basis.

  • SkinLemon has antiseptic qualities which can help acne, eczema, bee stings, and stop burns when applied topically.  It also helps fight aging, yes aging, and can help remove wrinkles and blackheads.  They say if you want a glowing complexion to drink lemon water with a touch of honey.
  •  Stress:  Lemons are full of vitamin C.  They are saying that vitamin C may help alleviate stress by reducing the stress hormone.  It can create a sense of calm and not only that, the smell I think is quite soothing.  It reminds me of a warm summer day!
  • Weight Loss:  We all love this!  It contains fiber to help you feel full longer, kicks up your metabolism & balances out your pH so your body will lose the weight faster.

A great way to start out your morning is with a glass of lemon water! (Use 1-2 tsp in warm water) It helps you feel energized and hydrated quickly. A challenge for all you coffee drinkers out there.... Try replacing lemon water with your coffee and see what happens after a week.  I would love a report back!  Remember.... coffee= acid producing "ash" and lemon water= alkaline producing "ash"  (For those of you who are new go read the Getting Started post to better understand)

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